Ritmo Jazz Latino

By vailjazzteam

By Liz Turner

Heating up the Vail Jazz Festival this June, is Denver’s finest Latin jazz ensemble-Ritmo Jazz Latino! On June 26th, at 12 pm, please join us for the first Vail Jazz @ The Market event – a weekly free series in the Jazz tent at Vail’s Farmer’s Market- for an exotic blend of Latin Jazz!


This talented group includes Grammy® winners, award-winning arrangers, popular Cuban and Puerto Rican percussionists, and Latin luminaries who have performed throughout the Americas with Dizzy Gillespie, Julio Iglesias, Gato Barbiere, Eddie Palmieri, Ray Charles, Henry Mancini and Ella Fitzgerald.


Featuring an entertaining collaboration between Dr. Walter Barr (trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, arranger), Fransisco Mejias (congas, bata, coro), Victor Mestas (keyboard, arranger), Paul McDaniel (bass), Cristine Barbosa (vocalist, piano, composer), and Howard Hernandez (timbalero, Latin percussionist).


Certainly not afraid to divulge into fascinating rhythms, and melodies of Latin America, this group truly brings an energetic, and groovy flair to the stage this summer! Check out this hot musical teaser: https://youtu.be/Z2XJhWvGHjo


Ritmo Jazz Latino has decades of experience put together, and performs traditional and contemporary Latin jazz. Often traveling through the country presenting engaging music education workshops and seminars on Latin music to youth. Their motto being “Salsa music is for everyone”, and they actively work to engage youth to truly embody the feeling, and spirit of Latin American music.


Today young students growing up particularly in the States, lack a strong exposure to this enriching style. Ritmo Jazz Latino demonstrates why this is so important in today’s arts and culture, exposing the youth to Latin jazz. Honoring the founding fathers of Latin jazz, they dive into the history of Afro-Cuban players, styles, and songs (salsa, merengue, songo, mambo, timba, bolero, charanaga and cha cha cha) and Brazilian jazz including (bossa nova and samba).


If musicians do not take the time to explore this style of music with audiences across the globe today, generations to come will miss out on this prominent style of music. You don’t have to be a perfect Spanish speaker, or a highly coordinated percussionist to enjoy Latin jazz, and Ritmo Jazz Latino shows that everyone in the world can take in and be a part of this art form! Whether through dancing, vocalizing, improvisation, or poetry.


Come hear how these influential Latin sounds and language come across today but be ready to groove, dance, jam and sing along to one of Colorado’s most remarkable ensembles today! Truly a summer delight!


Visit https://vailjazz.org/performances/vail-jazz-festival/vail-jazz-at-the-market/for more information, and to check out more of this group’s fabulous music, go to http://ritmojazzlatino.com