Vail Jazz Ambassadors

The Vail Jazz Festival runs every summer, consisting of multiple performance series and educational programs. Each year the Vail Jazz Festival brings dozens of performances and artists to Vail!

With such a busy summer, Vail Jazz relies on its volunteers, the Vail Jazz Ambassadors, to assist with a variety of responsibilities and ensure that the Festival runs smoothly. Vail Jazz could not operate without the support of numerous friends and volunteers who provide assistance, advice, moral support and plain old hard work. We thank each and every one of you for your contributions!

Reasons to volunteer


Our Ambassadors quickly become part of the Vail Jazz Family, working side-by-side with the staff, artists, and Vail community members who take part in the festival every year.


Experience firsthand an incredible array of world-class performances that will delight both longtime music fans and jazz newcomers alike!


4th and 5th grade students across Eagle County, CO take part in our programs each year, plus countless adults who attend our special multi-media performances throughout the Vail Jazz Festival.


Ultimately, being a Vail Jazz Ambassador is about enjoying the experience. Be involved with great people, incredible music and the beautiful surroundings of Vail.