Vail Jazz Education

Vail Jazz Workshop

Each year, a dozen of the country’s most dedicated, gifted, and promising high school jazz musicians are chosen from a broad field of talented applicants, receiving scholarships to participate in the 10-day Vail Jazz Workshop.

Vail Jazz Goes to School

Vail Jazz Goes to School has brought jazz education to 4th and 5th graders across Eagle County for the past 24 years from top jazz musicians and educators, led by local legend Tony G.

Perpetuating Jazz with a Focus on Young Musicians


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What Sets VJ Education Apart

Who we are.

We cherish the bonds of community between musicians, workshop alumni, staff and audiences. We take pride in bringing the rich, cultural heritage of jazz to the forefront of the community.

What we do.

The Workshop and Jazz Goes to School provide music curriculum that bridges the gap between art and history. Our instructors double as story tellers that teach the importance of landmark moments our nation has risen up from, and how we have overcome adversity through art as a powerful tool of expression.

Where we're headed.

The goal of VJGTS is to expand the program to include all students across the state, and to deliver a live performance finale to every 4th and 5th grader that completes the curriculum. Either in-person with Tony G or virtually.

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